Friday Night - 3/16/18
 The irresistibly fun sound of Jump Blues from the 1940’s and 50’s is kept alive today by Johnny J and  the Flat Foot Floogies. This vintage-clad-five-piece band, based in Coeur d’Alene, ID, has  masterfully combined the classic Big Band sound with Blues and Jazz from the same era, recreating  the toe-tapping, hip-swinging, partner-twirling Jump Blues genre that pleases listeners and dancers  alike.  Johnny J and the Flat Foot Floogies focus on playing carefree and light-hearted original tunes  written by their front man, Erik “Johnny” Johnson, which mesh indistinguishably with the other  classic hits in their repertoire making every performance a unique event. Evidenced through their  studio recordings and live performances, Johnny J and the Flat Foot Floogies
 bring life and energy to every gig, receiving high praise from listeners who are thrilled to be  transported back to 1951. 
 Saturday Night - 3/17/18
 Hot Club of Spokane is an organization of local musicians committed to the preservation of jazz,  swing, and blues, named for the famous Hot Club of France from the 1930s. Although the Quintet  of the Hot Club of France is synonymous with the music of Django Reinhardt and what today has  become known as “jazz manouche,” the original Hot Club was in fact an actual club or  organization - not a band - begun by college students to support the preservation of jazz in the  wake of the Great Depression. Hot Club of Spokane adopted a similar mission, and since its  founding in 2007, the group now employs 20 musicians organized in five to eight piece ensembles  that perform in and around the Inland Northwest.

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