Strictly Swing Classes  

   Strictly Swing teaches a variety of back-to-back progressive and drop-in classes  on Thursday nights.
The lessons are followed by a social dance so students can practice what they learned during class and build muscle memory.
  Weekly Schedule:
6:45pm - Progressive Lesson
7:45pm - Drop-in Lesson
  8:30-10:00pm - Weekly Dance

Progressive Lesson
Cost: $35.00/advance, $40.00/door  
Includes: Progressive lesson, drop-in lesson, and weekly dance for the ENTIRE SERIES!
YES! You can use a punchcard at the door (8 punches).

Where: Woman's Club of Spokane
- Ballroom - 

1428 West 9th Avenue
Spokane, WA 99204 (map)

Punch Cards may be purchased at the door.
Drop-in Lesson and/or Weekly Dance
Cost: $8.00 - Drop in 

$50.00 - 10-week punch card
Punch cards can also be used for all lessons, workshops, and dances.
Punch cards also make great gifts! 
   Lesson Descriptions:   
Progressive Beginner Lindy Hop:
Lindy Hop (Lindy) is the "granddaddy" of all modern swing dances. It's an athletic and playful dance that grooves to both vintage and modern music. If you learn Lindy, the technique and patterns will easily transfer over into all other swing dance styles (West Coast, Country Swing, Jive, etc.) The class will focus on creating a strong Lindy foundation: technique, styling, connection, and a few flashy moves. 
Level: BEGINNER. Prerequisites: None
Progressive Beginner Collegiate Shag:  
Collegiate Shag, also known as Shag, is a partnered dance done mostly to mid-tempo or faster music from the swing era. This class will cover the steps for the most common form of Shag called Double Rhythm Shag, which consists of a six count basic. You’ll learn some flashy footwork, different timing rhythms, turns, kicks, and hops! 
Level: BEGINNER. Prerequisites: None

Online registration closed.
You can still register at the door.
Drop-In Beginner 6-Count Lindy Hop:  
6-Count Lindy Hop will cover Lindy Hop technique, footwork, and styling. If you're new to Lindy Hop or have struggled with 8-count footwork, this class will help build a solid foundation. If you're already familiar with 8-count Lindy Hop, 6-count Lindy will add some fun new moves to your dance.  
Level: BEGINNER. Prerequisites: None
Drop-In Intermediate 6&8-Count Lindy Hop:  
This class is for Lindy Hoppers who are ready to take their dancing up a notch. They already know how to swing out, get in and out of a lindy circle, can execute some turns, and know some fancy footwork in both 6 & 8 Count Lindy Hop. Now they're ready for more moves! More turns! More footwork! More patterns!... and a few more surprises...   
Level: INTERMEDIATE. Prerequisites: Beginner Lindy Hop or confident knowledge of basic lindy hop patterns