Strictly Swing Classes  

   Strictly Swing teaches back-to-back progressive and drop-in classes 
every Thursday with a new schedule each month.
The lessons are followed by a social dance so students can practice what they learned during class and build muscle memory.
  Weekly Schedule:
6:45pm - Progressive Lessons
7:45pm - Drop-in Lessons
  8:30-10:00pm - Weekly Dance

Progressive Lesson
Cost: $35.00/advance, $40.00/door  
Includes: Progressive lesson, drop-in lesson, and weekly dance for the ENTIRE MONTH!
YES! You can use a punchcard at the door (8 punches).

Where: Woman's Club of Spokane -

1428 West 9th Avenue
Spokane, WA 99204 (map)

Punch Cards may be purchased at the door.
Drop-in Lesson and/or Weekly Dance
Cost: $8.00 - Drop in 

$50.00 - 10-week punch card
Punch cards can also be used for all lessons, workshops, and dances.
Punch cards also make great gifts! 
   Lesson Descriptions:   
Progressive Beginner Balboa:
Balboa (Bal) is a swing dance that originated in Southern California during the 1920's and 30's. Balboa is known for its focus on connection, footwork, spins, and turns. It is often danced to faster music, but it can also be enjoyed at slower music tempos. Never seen Balboa? Check it out HERE
Prerequisites: None 
Progressive Tranky Doo:
Along with the Shim-Sham and the Big Apple, the Tranky Doo completes the holy trinity of the original swing-era jazz routines. Choreographed in the mid-1940s by Frankie Manning, and inspired by jazz steps danced by a dancer with the stage name "Tranky Doo," it is an essential routine for every swing dancer to learn. Solo jazz routines enable dancers to learn new footwork variations to include in their dancing. You will often find that the "fancy" moves people do while their swing dancing are simply jazz steps incorporated into their social dancing. Never seen the Tranky Doo? Check it out HERE.   
Prerequisites: None
Drop-In Charleston: 
Charleston is the heart beat of what eventually became Lindy Hop. The dance is incredibly versatile and an essential tool to add to your swing dance repertoire. The beginner class will cover some basic Charleston shapes that you can use on the dance floor right away, while the Intermediate class will take those shapes to the next level with new variations to use on the social floor. Never seen Charleston? Check it out HERE
Beginner Prerequisites: None
Intermediate Prerequisites: Confidence in your beginner Charleston skills

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You can still register at the door.